Photography At Your Ceremony

Silver Rose Photography would like you and your family to remember your Graduation Day with a Complimentary Portrait Sitting.

On your Graduation Day, our location studios will be available on site before and after your ceremony. Our assistants will set your gown and colours correctly, so you look just right for this very important portrait. Simply proceed to our studios after robing, or after the ceremony.

Your family and friends are welcome to participate. We can photograph couples, groups of friends and even large family groups. Talk to the friendly Customer Service staff at our studios. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail with your customer code.



Online Overnight Proofs

Our photographers will hand you a white card after your Studio Portraits.

The card contains a secure customer code which will enable you to access your proofs on our website by 12 noon the next business day.



Great New Digital Products

Silver Rose offers you some great new digital products and gift ideas as well as traditional photographs in a range of sizes. Click here to learn more...